Small Steps, Big Difference: The Easy Tech Changes You Can Make to Be Greener.

August 16, 2022
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The UK is on a mission to achieve ‘net zero’ status by 2050. This means that as a country, we need to be removing as much carbon from the atmosphere as we’re releasing into it. It’s no small feat. To make this a reality, we all need to do our part. For many, that will mean looking beyond obvious business efficiencies and examining other types of efficiency too; for example energy and technological efficiencies.

Sustainability’ was once a buzzword. Not anymore. Today, customers are increasingly looking to work with eco-conscious businesses. Which means that you may struggle to connect with customers unless you’re able to demonstrate a commitment to operating responsibly and sustainably. In fact, research shows that 4 out of 5 customers are more likely to choose a brand committed to sustainability.

So, what are some easy tech changes that can make your business greener?

⦁ Go paperless

Are you still using manual, paper-based processes at work? Then it’s time to shift them online. Even today, the average office worker gets through 10,000 pieces of paper every year. While the impact is minimised if paper is recycled, it’s even better if we don’t use it in the first place. Look for software that can help you digitise your processes (or speak to our app developers for tailor made solutions!).

⦁ Consolidate your tools

While it’s important to move away from paper-based processes, it’s equally important to keep your tech stack to a minimum. Quite simply, the more apps you’re running to keep up with day-to-day operations, the more power you’re going to be using and the greater your environmental impact. Try to consolidate your tools to consume the least amount of energy. Custom apps are great for this as they can be built exactly for your businesses needs.

⦁ Upgrade from legacy systems

Older business software typically requires more power to run than modern solutions. These tools were never designed with environmental efficiency in mind, consuming more energy than newer solutions to carry out the same amount of work. For a multitude of reasons, we should all be moving away from legacy systems, whether it’s greener or not. If support ceases for an older tool, you’re leaving your business at risk.

⦁ Build from scratch

When it comes to upgrading from legacy systems, consider building what you need from scratch, rather than buying an off-the-shelf solution. Custom software means you’re using tools which are specifically designed to meet your needs; nothing more. Sometimes, off-the-shelf tools can be filled with data-hungry bells and whistles which make it marketable but increase power consumption without bringing much real value.

⦁ Choose eco-conscious developers

Regardless of whether you’re buying an off-the-shelf solution, or having your own tools built from scratch, the partner you choose matters. Try to work with companies that are able to demonstrate a commitment to using best environmental practices, such as reducing energy usage as much as possible during development. Green app development ensures responsibility is built into the foundation of your tools.

⦁ Move to the cloud

Cloud computing consumes less power than conventional computing, so it can be a good idea to embrace the cloud and cloud-based systems, rather than relying on on-site servers and physical infrastructure. The cloud can be used for everything, from storing data to running applications. There’s another benefit to the cloud, too: cost. Businesses often find the cloud to be a much more cost-effective approach

⦁ Go local

Whether you’re looking for a demo of an off-the-shelf solution, or you’re planning a meeting with a developer to discuss your needs, choosing a local partner can help to reduce your impact. Business travel is a major contributor to climate change, and the more we cutdown on unnecessary business travel the better. In Scotland? Look for app developers in Edinburgh. In London? Search for skilled teams in the capital.

By making environmentally positive tech choices you’re helping to shape a better tomorrow and becoming an example of a business of the future … and that should feel pretty good! Get in touch with us today to talk about how custom software and app development can help your business become greener!  

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